About Our Business
Hi my name is Paul Hanson and I have been in the Furniture Repair business for 25 years. I attended the
Minuteman Refinishing Institute in Wisconsin in 1990 and took back what I learned from that training to open
my own business. I was a successful painting contractor in the area with a crew of 6 but wanted a change in
careers to something I could master myself and built a shop in Holden, MA.

It is very rewarding seeing old tired pieces of furniture being brought back to life. Many of these pieces have
sentimental value to my clients and have been in their families for years. The look on people’s faces when
they are returned brings the job full circle for me to see something of their past will be part of their future and
hopefully generations to come. The same holds true for broken or damaged items. Many people think that a
broken leg on an old settee or a burn mark on a table ruins the piece. I can fix, restore and return a piece that
can function again.

Nothing leaves my shop unless I am completely satisfied with it and I am my worst critic. You are welcome
to visit my shop first hand before you commit to having work done. I stand behind all of my work! The
workmanship of how furniture was made years ago to that of today- let me say there is no comparison. So in
my opinion- go to an antique shop or a 2nd had store and find something that will fit the bill for what you are
looking for and give me a call to repair it. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!
Paul G. Hanson Co., Inc.   
Holden, MA   
Paul G. Hanson Co., Inc.
Paul G. Hanson Co., Inc.
Furniture Repair